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2,000 EXACT Years – That’s a Time Path

Chris McCann
July 1, 2018

#172 2,000 EXACT Years – That’s a Time Path

The number 2000 is a straight line. Our minds can grasp it fairly easily. Start here (33 AD) continue until there (2033 AD).

Some, well meaning perhaps, have been searching the Bible and trying to find the proper recipe that ties in to May 21, 2011.

They say (exaggerating a little), we go to May 21, 2011, and then there are 1290 days, plus 3 1/2 days, of which the 3 represents years, and the half represents this other thing, and add a little of this, and sprinkle a little of that, and on and on.

No. That's not how the Lord designs time paths. As we search the Bible we see an exactness when God gives time paths to major Biblical events.

From creation (11,013 BC) to the flood, for example, 6,023 years.

Or, from creation (11,013 BC) to the birth of Christ, 11,006 years (more than likely 11,000 +

2300 days which equals 6 years and about 4 months).

From the flood in 4990 BC to the cross, 5,023 (calendar) years.

Very crisp. Very direct time paths. Right to the point moderated only by a tribulation number of some kind (23 years/2300 days).

Or, as we are very familiar with the time path from the flood (4990 BC) to the year 2011 AD = 7,000 years exactly.

These are the type of time paths we should expect when looking for the end of the world.

33 AD-----------to---------------2033 AD = 2,000 years.

Very precise. Very direct. Very much in keeping with how God has done things in the past.

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