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Bible Notes

Biblical Precedent Established for 22 Actual Years / 23 Inclusive Years

Chris McCann
July 1, 2018

#173 Biblical Precedent Established ...

Good king Josiah died at age 39 in the year 609 BC. His death marked the beginning of the 70 year tribulation period wherein God gave up the nation of Judah into the hands of the Babylonians. An historical picture illustrating God's plan to give up the corporate churches into the hands of Satan at the time of the end.

From 609 BC until 587 BC, when the city of Jerusalem was destroyed, was a twenty three year (inclusive) period of time that also pictured the judgment of God falling upon the house of God during the Great Tribulation period.

23 inclusive years. Many of us have studied these things for many years and have long realized that God is able to use an actual 22 year period (609 to 587) in an inclusive way (23 years inclusively) in order to identify with tribulation because the number 23 is a tribulation number.

So, the year 2011 is 22 actual years away from the year 2033. But it is 23 inclusive years. And Biblical precedent has already been established concerning the legitimacy of an inclusive 23 year period of time.

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