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Bible Notes

Charlatan Preachers Claim to Raise the Dead When They Cannot

Chris McCann
June 10, 2018
Chris McCann

Is it a good thing to give people false hope?

Absolutely not!

We know that there are numerous evangelists that give people with physical ailments false hope of the possibility of being healed. They tell the blind, lame, diseased, etc, that God can heal them of their affliction---if only they can believe.

What horrible lies. We immediately see how awful it is for a pastor or evangelist to tell people lies like that and give them false hope. And, of course, once they fail to provide the physical healing of the individual they have the built in excuse that the person lacked sufficient faith to receive it. It's truly despicable to give people with physical ailments false hope of becoming physically healed.

And yet, mankind's more grievous affliction lies in the spiritual realm. His spiritual blindness, lameness, deafness, etc, etc, is far worse than any physical ailment might be. Once again, though, we find that there are numerous people giving false hope. Giving hope of spiritual healing where there is none. This has always been the case with false gospels throughout history. Now though, its also the case with those that claim to know the true gospel and encourage people to go to God for salvation. Its still the day of salvation they insist. God can heal your spiritual blindness, He can raise you up from your spiritual dead condition. He can cleanse your deadly spiritual disease.

Are these good things to tell people?

Is it a good thing to tell someone who recently lost a loved one (through physical death) that if they pray and believe and cry to God long enough there loved one might return to physical life?

No. That's not a good thing at all. Anyone telling someone that is not being loving towards them, or kind in any way. Since its nothing but a lie such ideas can only torment the ones hearing them.

We know that it is an impossibility for God to bring someone back from the dead (as He did Lazarus and others) at this point in time since the Bible was completed. He will not do that because it goes against the Bible's teaching for this particular time and season put into effect since the Bible was completed.

Likewise, God will no longer save sinners. Telling them He will does nothing but give false hope, and false hope is never a good thing.

Many have said to God's people, in this Day of Judgment, it’s an extremely serious thing to say that God has stopped saving.

Yes it is. But it is also an extremely serious matter to say God is still saving – when He is not.

Because if you are saying God is still saving and the door is open, at a time when God has stopped saving and the door is shut – then you are speaking falsely and giving false hope to people just like the charlatan preacher that lies and tells his audience he can heal their diseases and perform miracles through the power of God. There's nothing good in that at all.

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