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Dates Established by God the Holy Spirit Through the Biblical Calendar of History

Chris McCann
January 26, 2018

#145 Dates Established by God ...

I recently said this in response to a question in our Sunday Q & A group:

"And as it would happen, we have found much Biblical evidence pointing to the year 2033 as the end of the world. Since this information is coming from the Bible it is therefore information that God the Holy Spirit is revealing"

Someone might think that I am saying that the Holy Spirit has revealed to us that Christ is coming in 2033. And that's not what I meant to say. I think it would be good for me to clarify this statement.

The Bible has revealed a Biblical calendar of history. The reason we refer to it as a 'Biblical calendar' is because the time information used to establish key Biblical dates all comes from the Bible itself. This means that when we understand that the creation date was 11,013 BC we are understanding this from the Bible. It has been taught to us by God the Holy Spirit. God therefore has revealed that date to us.

Likewise, it’s the same thing with the date of the flood in 4990 BC, or the date for Christ's birth in 7 BC and His death on the cross in 33 AD, these dates come forth from the Bible and have been revealed to us by the Spirit of God as we have searched the Bible in a proper way (comparing Scripture with Scripture).

Now, since God has established certain dates in His Word (key Biblical dates like those mentioned above), we are able to lay out the number of years from these key dates to certain dates in our time. For example, from the cross in 33 AD to the year 2033 AD (a year we suspect may be the very end of the world) there are exactly 2000 years. This is not a guess at the number of years between these two points, this is a mathematical fact based on a Biblical fact (the Biblical fact is that Jesus died on the cross in the year 33 AD). It is because God has established the one date by having a major event take place at that time (33 AD), that we can then count the number of years from that established Biblical date to whatever year we choose. And it so happens that when we go from 33 AD to 2033 AD we find that these dates are exactly 2000 years apart. This is a bit of Biblical evidence that has been revealed by the Bible because we needed the Bible to establish the first date (33 AD) in order to know that exactly 2000 years separated it from the second date (2033 AD).

We then take the next step and look at other established key Biblical dates to see if they also 'fit' into any kind of time line with the date in our time we're interested in learning more about. And again, we find that the number of years from creation in 11,013 BC to the year 2033 AD matches an identical pattern that was in place when Christ went to the cross. Here's the two time paths side by side:

11,013 BC to 33 AD (cross) = 11,045/46 years

11,013 BC to 2033 AD = 13,045/46 years

OK, now since the creation date is Biblically established (i.e. revealed to us by the Holy Spirit) and since the cross date of 33 AD is also established (revealed to us by the Holy Spirit), finding a date that matches that pattern is very significant. It is another bit of Biblical evidence that can be added to the first one we found (the 2000 year period from the cross). We now have two strong points of Biblical evidence that must be seriously considered by any Bible student.

As we continue on we find a similar pattern with the flood date of 4990 BC. We actually have two points of interest with this date. First, the length of time from creation to the flood. And second, the length of time from the flood to the cross.

From creation (11,013 BC) to the flood (4990 BC) = 6,023 years.

And from the flood (4990 BC) to the cross (33 AD) = 5,023 calendar years.

We find an interesting tie in as we then take the established key date of the flood (4990 BC) and travel in time to the year 2033 AD. It equals 7,023 calendar years. This dates would agree with the language found in 2 Peter chapter 3 regarding two earths.

1st earth (from creation up until flood) = 6,023 years

2nd earth (from flood to end of world) = 7,023 calendar years

And we have the additional supporting evidence (based on two established dates revealed to us by the Holy Spirit) of the flood (4990 BC) to the cross (33 AD) = 5,023 calendar years.

You see, it is simply a fact that the year 2033 AD is 2000 years exactly from the cross. And it is simply a fact that it is also 13,045/46 years from creation. And it is simply a fact that it is 7,023 calendar years from the flood. These length of time periods are established by the key Biblical dates revealed to us via the Holy Spirit as He has opened up our understanding to the Biblical calendar of history (that is the Bible's own calendar found on its pages).

Therefore, when we find repeated time paths (which always start with an established Biblical date found in the Bible) going to the same year---we can say that it is information the Bible is opening up to us. There is no problem with this statement.

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