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Bible Notes

EBF Radio Broadcast into Mainland China

Chris McCann
December 1, 2017

#131 EBF Radio Broadcast into ...

Over the last two Sundays E Bible Fellowship has conducted a broadcast test of a one hour long Bible study into mainland China via Radio Taiwan. Here’s the latest report given by a faithful friend:

“Hi Chris,

Yes, ____ helped us to use the old AM radio channel AM1557 which EBF and FamilyRadio used previously. The broadcast hour has also been changed to 2100-2200 (Taipei / Beijing Time).

The reception report looks good -

The signal was able to be picked up in many provinces in China, even in very inland provinces like Sichuan, Hebei and Xi'An City. However as before, the reception in metropolitan areas where there are many high-rise buildings and electronic interference, are very poor. They told me that they used to be able to receive the signal only at very late time at night.


Since the report indicated a successful test of the signal into mainland China, E Bible Fellowship has agreed with Radio Taiwan to broadcast each Sunday evening for the next year. The first official broadcast begins this Sunday December 3rd. Lord willing, if all goes well we hope to expand this outreach in the future.

We thank the Lord for His faithfulness in opening up this opportunity for us to feed God’s sheep located in the great country of China.

Please pray that God would direct His people to find this broadcast in order that His elect people be spiritually fed according to His purpose for these days after the tribulation.

May the Lord’s perfect will be done.

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