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Bible Notes

Gathering Biblical Evidence in Order to Form Doctrine

Chris McCann
January 26, 2018

#146 Gathering Biblical Evidence ...

Here's the statement I made once again:

"And as it would happen, we have found much Biblical evidence pointing to the year 2033 as the end of the world. Since this information is coming from the Bible it is therefore information that God the Holy Spirit is revealing"

Since we are working from key and established Biblical dates (like 11,013 BC, 4990 BC, 33 AD, etc) the number of years found between those dates and any date we select will be trustworthy information. That is, we can know in an absolute way that from the cross in 33 AD to the year 2033 AD is exactly 2000 years. The length of time between these two dates is not in question at all. It is absolute fact. And the only reason we can know that it is an absolute fact that 2000 years separates the cross from 2033 is because the cross date is established by the Bible.

Alright, once we find that numerous established Bible dates converge and point to one date in particular again and again. We can say that the Biblical evidence is mounting regarding this one date. And its Biblical evidence because of the key established dates we're using from the Bible.

Since we're finding Biblical evidence pointing to one date especially, does this mean that God the Holy Spirit is teaching us that this will be the date for the end of the world?

No, not necessarily. Not at this time anyway. More evidence must be gathered and looked at before we draw that conclusion.

Well, if we're not yet drawing a conclusion about the year 2033 how can you say the Holy Spirit is revealing much evidence regarding it?

Let me try to say this in another way. Let's take a few statements from the Bible and think about them.

First of all, the Bible tells us to "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved". Since this statement comes forth from the Bible is it coming from the Holy Spirit? The answer is yes, of course it is.

Secondly, the Bible tells us to 'ask, seek, knock,' any doing so we surely find. Is this statement also coming forth from the Holy Spirit? And again, yes, its in the Bible so the Holy Spirit has said this.

Thirdly, the Bible tells us that Jesus stands at the door and knocks, whosoever opens the door He will come in and sup with them. This statement also is from the Bible and therefore comes forth from God the Holy Spirit.

All of these verses (and many more could be added) are bits of Biblical evidence. They can be and have been used to support various doctrines that men have established.

Since the Holy Spirit is saying believe in Jesus and thou shalt be saved, and we know the Bible actually teaches that man cannot exercise his free will to get himself saved, does this mean the Holy Spirit is teaching us an error?

Of course not! The Biblical evidence includes but is not limited to the Scriptures mentioned above. The conclusion based upon those Scriptures (the Biblical evidence) may be a faulty conclusion if the individual seeking the truth does not search the Bible as a whole.

To sum this up, we can say that we have evidence from the Bible, which is evidence from the Spirit of God pointing to the year 2033. And as we find more and more collaborating evidence we can say the Holy Spirit is revealing more and more things (like someone that finds more and more Scriptures dealing with a particular Bible doctrine). Yet, it still remains for us, the ones searching the Scriptures to rightly interpret the evidence in order to draw a correct conclusion. An incorrect conclusion would result in an incorrect doctrine. And yes, all time paths for the end of the world are simply doctrines. The good part is that if we have drawn an incorrect conclusion in the past (such as Oct. 7th, 2015) then we have the Bible to help us find correction:

2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction,...

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