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Bible Notes

List of Several Invisible/Spiritual Things You Do Believe, and One You Won’t

Chris McCann
June 1, 2018

#166 List of Several Invisible/Spiritual ...

So, you firmly believe that:

1. You were dead in your soul (which is invisible) because of your sins

2. God (who is invisible to you) exists

3. The Bible is quick (alive on a spiritual or invisible level) and powerful

4. Christ came to you thru His Word (invisibly) and saved you

5. You received a new born again soul (which is invisible) 6. God's Holy Spirit (invisibly) presently indwells you

Additionally, you believe:

7. That Satan and the fallen angels (spirit or invisible beings) truly exist

8. That all men are dead in sin (in their invisible soul existence)

9. Christ came (invisibly) as Judge of the world's churches

And yet, when you hear that God brought to pass a SPIRITUAL JUDGMENT on the day of May 21, 2011---you think it’s ridiculous and out of the realm of possibility.

Perhaps you need to re-read your Bible.

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