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Bible Notes

Obviously, Through the Process of Elimination, Jesus Would Have Known the Day and Hour

Chris McCann
May 25, 2018

#165 Obviously, Through the Process ...

Most people that say Jesus doesn't know the day or hour would admit that He is God and did know all other things. Only for some strange reason knowledge for the timing of the end of the world (they think) was held back from Him.

OK, if Jesus knows all other things. Then He knew everything about everyday that would transpire up until the last day (the day He knows nothing about). And He would also know everything about the events in eternity future that come to pass immediately after that last day (of which He knows nothing about).

Hmmmnnn, now if I was ignorant of the timing of a certain day. I couldn't know anything about WHEN it was. And yet I possessed all knowledge about all days and events---except for one day which was sort of blacked out---and I also possessed all knowledge about all events into the eternal future that followed that one blacked out day----it seems to me that it wouldn't be all that difficult to figure out that the one day I had no knowledge of was the day in which the world would end. And therefore through the process of elimination I would know the day and hour.

Which means that the churches teaching that Jesus does not know the day or hour (i.e. the timing for the final judgment) is idiotic.

Now, since its obvious that Jesus did indeed know the day and hour---intellectually understand when it would take place---this means that there is a major problem with the theologians and their understanding of the word 'know'. Jesus must have known the timing for the last day. Therefore when the Bible says "neither the Son" knew of that day and hour the word know had to mean something other than knowing the timing of the end.

As we've stated before, the proper understanding of the word 'know' has to do with experiencing the judgment and NOT intellectual knowledge of the timing for the judgment.

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