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Report: Monitoring EBF Radio Broadcast in Manila, Philippines

Chris McCann
November 28, 2017

#124 Report: Monitoring EBF Radio ...

For several months now E Bible Fellowship has been broadcasting the Genesis Bible studies each weekday evening in the city of Manila, in the Philippines. We received the following report from a friend located there of the radio signal's strength and reach:

"Subject: A report of monitoring radio station DWBL 1242 Klz Phillipines

Good day to you bro, Yesterday at 12 high noon i traveled going to Manila just to check the right tuning of the radio transistor to DWBL 1242 khz radio station, to check the quality of the radio broadcast, if it's good of bad, the Book Chapter and Bible Study program schedule.

I arrive in Cubao Quezon City at around 5:30 with my Transistor Radio. I turn on my radio and search it and I find it. The signal and the audio there in Quezon city is very good.

At 6:00Pm I travel from city to city to monitor if it is reachable or not.

I go in Quapo Manila at 7:14pm its traffic, and checked, the same, very good audio and signal.

Then i go to Santo Domingo Tatalon Quezon City where my uncle lives, I arrived there to my uncle's house at 8:40pm, I waited there to monitor the schedule of the program until it will be aired. I turn off the radio transistor to take my diner. And turn it on again at 10:pm, ready to monitor the schedule of E Bible Fellowship Bible Study.

At exactly 10:30 PM Philippine time, the radio program of E Bible Fellowship Bible Study was aired in a very good audio and signal.

And here are some of the Bible texts and verses are follows:

Study No.20

Genesis 4:3

Isaiah 49:19

Revelation 7:4- 144,000 saints, .. all tribes of Judah

Revelation 7:9- Great multitudes (more children)

Isaiah 49:20 - ...”it’s too narrow because of more children”…

Jeremiah- No verse, he just mentioned

Revelation 7:13.. “where did they come from…”

Revelation 7:14 these are they.. came from the great tribulation

Isaiah 49:21- come out of the great tribulation

Isaiah 54:1- Children of desolate…

Isiah 49:19-

Revelation 20:4-

Revelation 20:5- first fruit

The last part of the program is the Question and answer of .

On exact 11:00pm the program was finished in a very good audio and signal.

I move and go home after the program with my transistor radio, i hired a taxi going to Jac Liner Bus terminal. Still monitoring the strength of the signal, but nothing change, still okey.

We leave the terminal and reached Makati City around 12:25am, it's about 9.8 Km from Valenzuela City where the DWBL Transmitter is located, the audio and signal of the station

is still okey very good. 12:50am was in Pasay City in express way in front of the International Airport, it's 18.0 Km away, and the signal is good. Alabang Town Center city, the signal and audio is very good, it’s about 27 Km. Canlubang Express Way about 55 Km, the signal is still good.

Calamba to Turbina exit going to our place i observed short coming of the signal it’s chop chop,

maybe it’s because i am inside of the bus and it was raining, I think antenna is the problem .

My transistor radio battery drained, no more reserve battery. I turn off my radio.

Note: All of the cities mentioned above are located along the National Highways.

The Km, Kilometers is base on google result.

This is the whole report of my journey in monitoring the radio station of DWBL 1242 Khz.

Thank You

God Bless You"

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