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Bible Notes

Talk About Time Paths – This is a Big One

Chris McCann
July 10, 2018

#171 Talk About Time Paths – This is a Big One

Back in the year 2000 a good number of people were frightened by the turn of the millennium. There was fear of computer programs crashing. Many were frightened also because they thought that it was the 2,000 year mark since Christ's birth. They breathed a sigh of relief once the year came and went without hardly any difficulties.

However, the truth is, that Jesus was born in the year 7 BC. And the actual number of years that passed from His birth in 7 BC until the year 2000 AD was 2007 calendar years and 2006 actual years.

In fact, the 2000th year since Christ's birth had already occurred back in the year 1994 (7 BC + 1994 = 2001, -1 (no year zero) = 2000.

But there is another 2000 year period fast approaching which is of great significance. We are coming close to the 2,000th year since Christ died on the cross.

Jesus died on the cross in 33 AD.

The year 2033 AD will mark the exact 2,000th year since that enormous event took place.

Now talk about time paths---that's a big one.

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