Bible Notes

Bible Notes

The Big Lie is Telling People There is Still Salvation Available

Chris McCann
April 19, 2018

#157 The Big Lie is Telling People ...

So, too, is the situation today. It is very terrible for some people to go forth in this way today, as some are doing. These people are the most “dangerous” in many ways because they formerly identified with the true Gospel. Up until this final testing point, they had been following along and they gave every appearance to people that they were genuine true believers, but the fact is they are not. They are telling people a lie: “God is still saving. It is still the day of salvation. We are saved by the faith of Christ.” They may tell them all these peripheral true doctrines that are surrounding the lie they have developed. They may share true doctrines like the fact that there is no place called Hell; Christ died for sin at the foundation of the word; or God has judged the churches, as typified by Lot’s wife that looked back. Remember, these people “went to the mountains.” They will say many faithful things, like the Church Age is ended and we cannot go back, but they are going to add their own spin to it, just as Satan always does. Satan will tell some truths, as long as it comes with a lie.

And this is a big lie: “You can cry to God for mercy. Go to the Lord. He may save you – there is still hope. There is hope for you, your children, your friends, the strangers on the street and for the world.” They are lies, lies, lies! The Bible says there is no more hope as far as ongoing salvation is concerned.

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