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Bible Notes

The Excuse of Saying, "We're Not to Touch Salvation"

Chris McCann
August 7, 2018

#184 The Excuse of Saying, ...

Some people say, "we're not to touch salvation" in any way. That is, they mean we're not to dare say that God has stopped saving people. As though it’s arrogant and a meddling thing for us to say anything determinate about God's salvation program.

My question about this statement is, where do you read that in the Bible? Where does the Bible say, you can study all the Scripture, and after carefully comparing spiritual things with spiritual, yes, you can arrive at truth on doctrine after doctrine – but, whatever you do, don't you dare to compare Scriptures related to salvation and come up with any conclusions that might say it has ended? I don't see where this 'teaching' that one cannot ever learn from the Bible about an end of salvation is found? I can't place the chapter and verse which tells us that.

The reason I can't find the chapter and verse which states that is because there is no chapter and verse that says it. It’s a man-made doctrine. It is man's idea that we're not to search the Scriptures in things related to the end of salvation. As though searching the Scriptures in all other areas is somehow acceptable because it’s apparently a less holy task and carries far less weight of meaning. Actually, their point is rather demeaning to the rest of the Word of God. Because everything in the Bible is holy. All Scripture is extremely important and to be handled with the utmost of care.

Someone might use the same argument about matters related to judgment. "Oh," the person says, "better not dig into that topic of hell and damnation. That's meddling in things to high for you." Of course the Scriptures are too high for us. The whole Bible comes from the infinite mind of God, which is supremely higher than our tiny little minds. But God equips His people via salvation, and assists them with the guidance of His Holy Spirit to learn the things of God, to learn things they could never learn on their own or of themselves.

A good number of people, who have recently learned the Bible's true teaching on hell, which was a major, major change in doctrinal direction from the long standing reformed and traditional view of it being a place of eternal suffering and damnation – these people learned about this as a result of frail, feeble men looking into things above and far higher than themselves. And yet, God opened the Scriptures and revealed truth to them that hell was not a place of everlasting suffering; but instead it was the grave and the final end of the sinner would be annihilation.

Again, what if they followed their own words and refused to listen to those things, "No, no. We can't meddle with what the Bible says about hell." It would mean they would not have learned.

Their spiritual growth would have been stunted.

The truth is that God's elect people can learn anything about any doctrine – that the Lord opens up and reveals to us.

Luke 24:45 Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures,

To say we're not to touch it is really only an excuse used by some to either avoid the hard things the Bible has to say about; or it is an excuse to dismiss them altogether.

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