Bible Notes

Bible Notes

The Great Multitude of the Old Testament

Chris McCann
August 5, 2018

#180 The Great Multitude of the Old Testament

During the second outpouring of the Holy Spirit also known as "the latter rain" (which began in the year 1994) God saved a great multitude of souls outside of the churches.

We know that the Lord commanded Jonah (Jonah's name means dove and the dove identifies with the Holy Spirit) a second time to go to Nineveh (picture of this world). This command to Jonah ties in with the year 1994 because that's the year the dove (Holy Spirit) was poured out a second time.

You want proof of this?

Just look at how many were saved in the city of Nineveh. The language of the Bible indicates that a great many in the city did become saved. Actually, the salvation of the people of Nineveh was the greatest work of salvation we find recorded in the Old Testament. In fact, we could say that the salvation that took place in Nineveh was the GREAT MULTITUDE OF THE OLD TESTAMENT.

Jonah (the dove/Holy Spirit) goes a second time to Nineveh and the result is the salvation of a great multitude just as it was during the second outpouring of the Holy Spirit beginning in September, 1994. A coincidence? No way.

Which means we have every Biblical justification to relate the starting point of the 40 days until Nineveh's destruction to the year 1994. Count inclusively from there and see where it takes you

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