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Bible Notes

When a Person has Found a Well of the Coolest Water, They No Longer Search Out Other Water Holes

Chris McCann
July 4, 2018

#174 When a Person has Found ...

A Muslim man wrote:

"of course the bible has something similar with the Holly Qur'an,but is does not mean that the bible is totally accepted by the muslims. The muslims know that because they read the bible, but almost no christian is even willing to read scriptures other than the bible, because they are not confidential on the bible. If you run alone, you are always the first!"

EBF response:

You are right that the child of God is not willing to read the Quran. But you are wrong about the reason. When a person has found the bread of life they stop looking for further nourishment. And when a person has found a well of the coolest water they no longer search out other water holes.

God's people do not look to the Quran or any other writings that religion and men deem holy because we have all we could ever desire or wish with God's Word the Bible. We are content and satisfied with its glory and greatness. We have found the truth. There is no need to look for truth elsewhere.

And most of all God's true children stay with the Bible because God commands us to stay. God is a jealous God and will not share His glory with another. As there is One God and One Saviour there is also One Holy Writing from Him. And that holy writing is the ancient book called the Bible.

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