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Which is Crueler: No More Salvation for a Short While on Earth; or, ETERNALLY NO MORE SALVATION in a Place of Everlasting Hell?

Chris McCann
July 14, 2018

#176 Which is Crueler: No More ...

One reason people say that the teaching of 'no more salvation' is so horrible is because they really do not believe we're living in the Day of Judgment, in the time of the outpouring of God's wrath.

If they did believe this, then they would realize that a spiritual judgment carried out over the course of several years, all the while allowing the world to continue on enjoying many earthly blessings---is a judgment that reveals incredible goodness and mercy of the One (God) carrying it out.

If you do not think that a 'Judgment Day' emphasizing a shut door of heaven shows the merciful character of God--then compare it for a second with the traditional teaching taught by practically all churches--of an eternal suffering in a place called hell wherein the sinner is supposedly tortured in never ending fire for all eternity.

After pondering that for a while, I doubt that you can say a prolonged spiritual judgment wherein God is not saving is really all that horrible.

Next time someone tells you how cruel it is that E Bible Fellowship teaches 'no more salvation', ask them what their idea of judgment is? More than likely it is one of eternal hell. Then ask them which is a crueler judgment--to live in a still functioning world with many comforts and earthly blessings while you endure a 22 year or so period of the spiritual outpouring of God's wrath wherein none can be saved; or, to be cast into the pit of hell for ever and ever. Always burning and suffering and where there is ETERNALLY NO POSSIBILITY OF SALVATION from that awful condemnation? I think it’s not too difficult to see which doctrine is really the cruel one.

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