Social Media Outreach

How is E Bible Fellowship reaching the World?

Since God has raised up the electronic medium in these last days primarily for the purpose of reaching His elect people scattered across the nations of the world, E Bible Fellowship has developed a presence on numerous social media platforms seeking to bring the truths of God's Word to the great multitude that God saved during the little season of the great tribulation. Below you can explore the many social media platfroms we are utlizing to feed God's sheep around the world.

E Bible Fellowship has a large facebook presence. As of 2019 facebook has recorded having 2.38 billion active users world wide. That's not too far from 1/3 of the worlds population. Making it still one of the best social media platforms to reach the world wide masses. Here is a brief overview of the various groups we run.

This is E Bible Fellowship's official group. In this group various notes and studies are posted by ChrisMcCann. It's also a group where listeners can post scriptures to share.

This group was created for the purpose of allowing anyone to ask any Bible questions or concerns they may have. All are invited to either ask a question or make a comment.

This group was created to allow Muslims to ask any Bible questions they may have.  It's not a platform for debate but for those who are sincerely interested in learning more about the Bible. This is E Bible Fellowship's main group. In this group various notes and studies are posted by Chris McCann. It's also a group where listeners can post scriptures to share.

The purpose of this group is to feed God's sheep during this time of judgment upon the world, by examining the biblical principles and doctrines of Bible study.

This group was designed for uploading E Bible Fellowship Bible studies that have been transcribed. Please note: It is not created to share Scriptures, links, and so forth. Since the alphabetical list of studies can be some what random due a Facebook glitch, keeping the news feed ONLY for the purpose of uploading transcribed studies allows the members to easily scroll the newsfeed for the latest studies without wading through dozens of random posts.

E Bible Fellowship post Bible studies to Vimeo as well. There are about 170 million vimeo users worldwide, 42 million of those users are in the U.S.A.

E Bible Fellowship Vimeo Channel

E Bible Fellowship has quite a few studies on our youtube channel. Youtube is another great platform to reach many people around the world. There are about 1.3 Billion people who use youtube. We have recently started to live stream our new Q&A call in program called the"EBF Open Forum". See home page for more details regarding the times it airs and the number to call.

E Bible Fellowship Youtube Channel