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EBF's 2023 Summer Bible Conference

Dear friends, EBF's 2nd annual June conference just completed. And I would like to thank the Lord for blessing us and encouraging us by having so many come from around the country (and even Canada) to gather with us in person.

More than a few people commented on how wonderful it was to see so many people who they had not seen for years. We thank God that there were many more people in attendance this year than last. As well as increasing the number who joined with us through the live streaming of the entire conference. I was blessed to meet people who flew in from Oregon (Michael) and who drove 12 hours from Ontario, Canada (George & Maria). We did not do a survey but during the conference I also spoke to people from, of course, the tri-state area (NJ, PA, DE). And many from New York. As well as from Maryland.

It was good to speak to a couple who came up from Georgia. While a few others arrived from Florida. One EBF listener journeyed from Texas. Johnny, a truck driver from Connecticut told me that he had a delivery right before the conference to another part of NJ (the conference was held in Millville, NJ) and then he drove home to Connecticut. Got in his car and drove back to NJ to be at the conference. He had to leave on Saturday to make it home in time to be ready to go out on another long distance truck delivery run on Monday.

It was a blessing having a 3 day conference. As some were able to make it on one day but not another. So, we had people who came only on Friday, or only on Saturday or only on Sunday. Lord willing, we hope to see all EBF friends at next year's conference in Millville, NJ, as well as a possible additional conference somewhere in the state of Florida (more information to come).

Finally, we thank the Lord for blessing us with physical as well as spiritual food over the course of the 3 day conference. And especially for the fellowship we were able to have with Him through His Word-along with like minded believers. It's a fairly rare thing in these dark days of judgment for God's elect to gather with so many others who understand the revelation of God's righteous judgment program. And so we do indeed thank God for His mercy towards us. Ephesians 1:15 Wherefore I also, after I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus, and love unto all the saints,16 Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers;May the Lord's perfect will be done,Chris

EBF's 2023 Summer Bible Conference

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