Unsealed Teachings

What are unsealed teachings?

We read in Daniel 12:4: But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

God had many important doctrines sealed until the time of the end. Only then would He begin to unseal His Word and open these teachings up unto His elect people. We have been living in the "time of the end" spoken of in Daniel 12:4, since 1988. Does our understanding of these doctrines make us special?These understandings are not a result of our own wisdom or intelligence, it is simply because it was God's timing to reveal these things. Jesus was the greatest teacher that walked the earth, yet we find that few were saved during His ministry. Peter, one of the disciples of Jesus, gave a sermon in Acts Chapter 2 and about 3,000 souls were saved. It wasn't because his sermon was any greater than what Jesus taught or because he was a better teacher, certainly not, it was because it was the timing of when God would pour out His Holy Spirit. Likewise, during the end it was God's timing to unseal these teachings.

Below you'll see a timeline of 24 doctrines that were unsealed.

Ecclesiastes 8:5 Whoso keepeth the commandment shall feel no evil thing: and a wise man's heart discerneth both time and judgment.

What we have learned


Israel becomes a nation


On May 14, 1948, Israel becomes a nation again, something once thought impossible by many. The Bible prophesied of this event in Mark 13:28


Discovery of the Biblical Timeline of History

A Biblical timeline was discovered in the Bible. This was the foundation for many of the doctrines we have learned. Dates such as creation (11,013 B.C), the flood (4990 B.C), Jesus' birth (7 B.C), and age of the earth (13,000+ years) were discovered.

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The Faith OF Christ

It was long misunderstood whose faith it was. The Bible shows it was Christ's faith and not our own. We are also not saved by our own works, but the Bible does declare faith is a work, so our good works or the keeping of the commandments, does NOT result in salvation, but are a result OF salvation, which is only given by God.

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Another commonly misunderstood doctrine is that of baptism. Like circumcision, baptism was only a sign or a shadow, and did not have any power to wash away sins. A shadow does not have any substance; it's only a reflection of the real thing. Jesus dying on the cross was also a demonstration of the payment for sins, that had taken place at the foundation of the world. The cross was therefore a shadow of what already happened. (see 9)

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The End of the Church Age


May 21, 1988 marked the end of the Church Age. God finally brought judgment to all churches, after He gave them space to repent (1955 years). Satan was allowed to rule there. God's Holy Spirit left all churches and salvation ceased there.

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The Great Tribulation

1988 - 2011

The Great Tribulation lasted for 23 years and began on May 21, 1988 included the judgment on the churches, which was also a time of unparalleled spiritual deception. It ended on May 21, 2011.

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The Great Multitude

The Latter Rain

1994 - 2011

The Latter Rain began on September 7, 1994 and ended on May 21, 2011. It lasted about 17 years and was the time when God was saving a vast multitude of people, found in every nation around the world. Never before were so many people being saved in the history of the world.

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Throughout the centuries it had been taught that hell was a literal place of torment, where the unsaved would burn forever. This was an incorrect teaching and we were wrong. It was only until God began to unseal His Word that we learned the true nature of hell, which is not a place but a condition of the earth. Hell mean's the grave. The unsaved will be annihilated out of existence on the very last day.

God has also set a limit to the punishment of the unsaved, according to His lovingkindness. There is a biblical law God had established that a man was never to be punished above 40 stripes. This is also true of God's punishment toward mankind. He'll never administer a stripe under or a stripe over.

We have also learned what happens in Hell and who goes through it. On May 21, 2011 God turned the earth into Hell. He lit the spiritual fires of Hell to try the inhabitants of the world to see what material they are made of. Gold, Silver & precious stones that can't be burned up only refined, or wood, hay & stubble that can't endure the fire, but will be consumed.

Hell is a much more complex than what we previously understood. The earth is turned into Hell for the duration of Judgment day, and we've understood that Judgment day is not a single day, just like the "Day of Salvation" was not a single day.(See 2 Corinthians 6:2). A lot is taking place in Hell. God is dividing Satan's kingdom, shaming the worlds institutions, God is presently ruling the earth, and more. (see other unsealed teachings to learn more about what's taking place in Hell)

Once Judgment day is complete only God's elect would have endured Hell, and arise to be declared the sons of God, just as Christ arose and was declared the son of God, after Christ had endured Hell (the grave).

thenRev 20:14"And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death".

Take notice! Both death AND Hell are cast into the lake of fire, they are destroyed forever. One has to ask how can Hell be cast into the lake of fire? If Hell is the lake of fire? Well, we can understand this by recognizing that the lake of fire is a not Hell but what happens when God destroys this earth on the last day, when both Hell (earth that has been turned into hell) and death itself are cast into this lake of fire to be destroyed.

1 Corinthians 15:25 For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet.

1 Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

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The Lamb Slain
From The Foundation
Of The World

This is one of the major doctrines we have learned. It has given us greater insight and has clarified many things taught in the Bible that never quite harmonized. Christ died and made payment for sins FROM the foundation of the world, and it was at the cross in 33 A.D where He demonstrated what He had already done.

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Judgment Day

May 21, 2011

May 21, 2011 was a date publicized around the world, across the globe. It was on billboards, caravans, cars, t-shirts, benches , bumper stickers, stands, on major news media outlets; it could be heard on the radio and all over the internet. It was echoed across the world, with a single message: May 21, 2011 is Judgment Day! To understand every doctrine that follows, one must first understand and believe this doctrine. For it is the foundation to which the following doctrines are built upon.

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Spiritual Judgment

Post May 21, 2011

Living in the Day of Judgment has revealed the nature of it. We've learned that it is Spiritual in nature, even as the judgment on the churches was spiritual or invisible. Is a spiritual judgment foreign to the Bible? Find out a more by clicking the "Learn more" button below.

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No More Salvation

Post May 21, 2011

Judgment without Mercy is what the Bible teaches. May 21, 2011 marked the end of salvation. Prior to May 21, 2011, God completed His salvation program and saved the last of His elect. Salvation is no longer taking place.

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Prolonged Judgment

Post May 21, 2011

Judgment was always thought to be a single day, but does the Bible really teach this? In the Bible we learn of another day called "the day of temptation". (See Hebrews 3:8-9). This we know was not a single day, but a period of 40 years being likend to a single day.

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Fiery Trial
(Hell Fire)

Post May 21, 2011

Perhaps since May 21, 2011 you've felt a severe set of trials? That your life has felt more difficult and many strange and grievous afflictions have occurred? If so, you are not alone, God's elect have been put through a severe fiery trial to try them, and to be partakers in Christ's sufferings. See (1 Peter 4:12-13, Daniel 12:10, and Daniel 3:19)

1 Peter 4:12  Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you:

This fiery trial is going through the fires of Hell.

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Feeding Sheep

Post May 21, 2011

God's elect were called to go forth into the world to share the gospel during the Day of Salvation. This was the great commission. Now that salvation has completed we are no longer sharing that message. We are now tasked with another commission and that is to share these new doctrines we have been learning to the world, trusting that God will guide us to that great multitude of people He saved prior to May 21, 2011.

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God is now ruling!

Post May 21, 2011

In the Garden of Eden, Satan conquered this world by right of conquest. He was given rulership over this earth, this world became his Kingdom. Then as a judgment on the churches he was allowed to rule there, as God's Spirit left all the churches. On May 21, 2011, Satan was deposed, and has been cast down from all rulership. God is now ruling, as He is seated on His throne,  judging the world.

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"No Man Knows"

Post May 21, 2011

Prior to May 21, 2011, the churches, along with the world, declared with one voice that "no man knows the day or hour" of Christ return. At the time they were right, but for the wrong reason. The "knowing" does not equate to knowledge, but rather experience. So in other words, "No man has experienced the day or hour". Now, as of May 21, 2011, the world is experiencing Judgment Day, they are knowing the day and hour.

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Appearance before the judgment seat

Post May 21, 2011

Just like we didn't know the elect would go through the Great Tribulation, we did not know God's elect would also have to go through Judgment Day. His people are making an appearance before the judgment seat, because God is not a respecter of persons, therefore He judges the righteous with the wicked.

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God's Elect mirror Christ's sufferings

Post May 21, 2011

Just as Christ suffered when He was on earth, so to His body, comprised of all the elect present on the earth, are similarly suffering as He did.

Likewise just as Jesus resurrected and was declared to be the Son of God, likewise the elect will go through the judgment on this world and be resurrected on the last day, and be declared the "Sons of God”.

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Post May 21, 2011

There is mounting evidence that the completion of the judgment on the world and the final end of this world will be in the year 2033. A judgment that will last 23 inclusive years, or 22 actual years. You can learn about the many time paths for 2033, by navigating to the home page, scrolling down and clicking "Biblical timelines".

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Delay in drawing

Post May 21, 2011

Has God delayed drawing you to Himself? Even though we've learned that salvation has ended and no more can be saved as of May 21 2011, we do know God had saved a vast amount of people across the globe, especially during 1994-2011 (see 7). Many of these new sheep may know very little about the Bible. We read in John 21:6 of a delay in drawing the fish, after the great catch of fish takes place, which represents the great multitude saved and in the safety of the net.


Two Tribulations

Post May 21, 2011

We learned of the Great Tribulation period, which lasted 23 years from May 21, 1988 to May 21, 2011. We are now learning of a second tribulation during the Day of Judgment that also lasts 23 inclusive years (22 actual years), from 2011-2033.

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The World is Publicly Shamed

Post May 21, 2011

We've learned that as part of the judgment on this world, God has intended to openly and publicly shame the world's institutions. Wherever we turn in the world today, we find tremendous upheaval as long trusted political systems are trusted no more. News agencies that were once highly esteemed, even revered, are respected no longer; but instead are mockingly labeled as “fake news.” The world’s entertainment industry has been badly shaken with scandal after scandal which has resulted in great humiliation for those exposed. But it doesn’t end there. Many accustomed to escaping the world’s troubles by turning to sports as a sort of refuge have seen their beloved sports teams and players and the outlets that cover them embroiled in multiple controversies. Even religion has been beset with turmoil as one of the world’s largest religions has had its reputation tarnished repeatedly by those who have engaged in terroristic acts in its name.

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Why is the World so Divided?

Post May 21, 2011

One major topic that is recognized and talked about worldwide is how the world is so divided right now. Have you wondered why this is happening? God, in His Word, the Bible, declares that at the end, during Judgment Day, Satan's Kingdom (the world) would be divided. We are now seeing this before our eyes. God is causing the inhabitants of the world to fight against each other, as part of the judgment on this world.

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