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The True Religion of the Bible Remains the Same

By Chris McCann
December 11, 2015

The religion of the Bible has always been the same---it is simply the Word of God.

God's people in times past (in the days when the Bible was being compiled) followed the true Word of God. And as the true Word of God for a time established a nation (the Jewish nation ofIsrael) as the outward representation of the kingdom of heaven on earth, God's people were apartof that nation (at that time). And when the true Word of God the Bible revealed God had endedthat relationship with that nation of Israel (which it did by telling us the veil of the temple wasrent in twain at the time Jesus was on the cross)---then God's true people followed the Wordwhich lead them out of that nation.

And once again as the true Word of God the Bible established a new outward representation ofGod's kingdom on earth---the New Testament churches---then God's people became apart of thatentity for a time (almost 2000 years). Yet when God's true Word the Bible indicated once again that the judgment of God was upon the New Testament churches just as it had previously beenupon the nation of Israel, then God's true people continued to follow the Word of God the Biblewhich directed them to leave the New Testament churches.

For a time God established entities to represent the kingdom of heaven (Israel, church) but He has now ended those relationships with those entities.
In this time of the end, it is no longer God's plan to deal with people through corporate bodies like the nation of Israel or the New Testament church. Instead, at this time He is dealing withpeople as individuals.

Despite the absence of an outward representative of the kingdom of heaven, such as the nation of Israel or the church, God's true Word the Bible today is still with and guiding the true people of God. In that regard nothing has changed.