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God the Highest Judge, The Bible the Highest Law

By Chris McCann
June 14, 2016

God is the Judge that presides over the highest court. All other earthly courts and their judges are beneath His.

The Bible is the supreme law that rules over all earthly laws. All other laws made by men and their governments are subject to God's supreme law (the Bible).

This is why an earthly government can make a law (Jews are to be sent to concentration camps for extinction for example) and yet stand guilty of wrongdoing. There is no wrongdoing according to them and their law. All was done quite legally. The proper political authorities established the laws, and the proper legal authorities (judges) carried them out. Where is the wrongdoing? Everything was done according to an earthly system of law.

Despite an earthly government's attempt to cover up its crimes by making laws to justify them---their wrongdoing is still present because seizing people due to their race, and confiscating their goods, and sentencing them to work in concentration camps, until they are executed---are all acts that go contrary to the supreme law (the Bible) of the Supreme Judge (God) and therefore there is guilt in His sight for breaking His laws. Saying, well it was legal (by the laws of man) is NO excuse for breaking the superior law of God.

Of course many people are doing the same thing today. They foolishly think, that because an earthly court legalizes an act (drug use, homosexual marriage, abortion, etc, etc) that this somehow absolves them of guilt and wrongdoing in the matter. It does not in any way.

Men like to think that they are a big deal, and that they possess the power of declaring what is right and what is wrong. Man likes to believe that he is the determiner of that which is good and that which is bad. But the reality is that God's law stands supreme. God's law towers above the laws of the United States, or Great Britain, or China, or any other nation.

And God's law does not change. It is unalterable. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. This is also true of His holy Law the Bible.

So, if you insist, continue to follow the laws of the land. And you may even delude yourself into thinking that when a man marries a man, or when a woman obtains an abortion, or whatever the latest 'change' in law might be--that they are doing nothing wrong---because, after all, the earthly judges now declare it to be legal.

Yet the Bible tells us the truth:

Ecclesiastes 11:9b ...but know thou, that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment.