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“We're Working on it”

By Chris McCann
September 14, 2016

Hebrews 11:3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

In this verse God tells us that the things which we see all around us in this world were not made of things which appear. He simply spoke and brought them into being.

But what about the natural origins theory that under girds evolution? Where did the things which we now see come from?

If you ask an evolutionist where matter came from, the first thing they try to do, and they do it very effectively for the most part, is to push the question as far back as they possibly can. "Well you see, billions and billions of years ago their was an enormous explosion and the galaxies formed. And slowly, very slowly, over the course of billions and billions of years---all the things we see around us today developed and formed into their present condition”.

The response avoids answering the question.

The question is---where did the original material that exploded come from? It's not that difficult a question. No matter what the stuff is (primordial ooze, or a proton, or make it whatever you like)---the question is where did the first one come from? So go back billions and billions of years before that initial explosion, and then we should find something that is about to explode--that’s it, that’s what we’re interested in. Where did it come from?

Let me say it another way, when you have an explosion today it is because there is an explosive material that explodes. Dynamite. Nitro glycerin, etc, etc. The basic question they cannot answer is where did that stuff come from that exploded into all we see around us today?

When pressed on this point, evolutionists will reluctantly admit that they are presently working on discovering the answer to this question.

Only a scientific community that has a built in bias against the Bible could accept a theory whose foundation has not yet been laid.

Just imagine if you commission a construction company to build your house. After a few months you visit the job site to see how the construction on your dream home is coming along. You see the architect on the site and he shows you a beautiful house. Three stories and everything looks great. The house of your dreams was taking shape. They only had a few finishing touches left to do.

But after carefully looking over the plans for your home. You notice something, it appears that there's no foundation for the building. But the idea of a well respected construction company not building your home upon a solid foundation is just so absolutely ridiculous that you can't believe it’s possible. So you ask the architect if there's some mistake in the plans?

He responds, no, they are the correct blueprints for the house. But don't worry, they're working on laying the foundation. They hope to have some problems ironed out shortly and then the foundation will be ready.

What would be your reaction? Any person would immediately think that no matter what kind of reputation that construction company has---it's obvious they don't have the slightest clue on how to build a house. You first need to lay the foundation before building the rest of the house.

Evolution is a theory built upon another theory of origins that has NO solution as to where the first material (matter) came from. They're working on it.

The fact that they are still working on the foundation of origins says all anyone needs to know about the rest of the theory and those that tell us it is fact.