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A Person Reveals Much Ignorance of God’s Word When Slandering a Faithful Man

By Chris McCann
March 22, 2017

Time and time again people casually slander the name of a good and faithful man (Mr. Camping) by calling him a false prophet.

EBF's response:

Allow me use a sports analogy to make my point. When a person is talking about baseball, or basketball, or some major sport, and they make reference to a player like Hank Aaron and say that he wasn't very good. Or they make reference to a basketball player like Dr. J (Julius Erving) and say he was terrible, immediately the more knowledgeable sports person knows that the one they're talking to doesn't have any understanding of the sport itself or what it really takes for someone to be considered a good player let alone a great player.

When I hear someone make reference to Mr. Camping as a false prophet I immediately think this person doesn't know the truth of the Bible nor what they're talking about when it comes to Biblical things.

When it comes to studying the Bible Mr. Camping had no peers in his generation. Of course nothing due to himself, God opened up his eyes and granted him much wisdom. Much more than thousands of pastors and preachers and modern church theologians. Yes God gets the glory, the fact remains that you would not have been able to find a more godly and knowledgeable man than Mr. Camping in his day.

I attended seminary for 3 years in the late 80's and early 90's. I had to read the writings of many reformers and theologians. I listened to well known professors and their teachings. And yet, I learned more in a short while listening to Mr. Camping on the radio than I did the entire time in seminary listening to the official Bible scholars.

Concerning 'no man knows the day or hour' ---it has nothing to do with knowledge of timing. It has to do with experiencing of judgment. No man, nor fallen angels, nor the Son (Jesus) Himself had yet to experience the judgment of God at the time Jesus made that statement.