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The World’s Religion, Mouthpiece (News Media), Philosophies, are All Now the Objects of God’s Wrath

By Chris McCann
September 28, 2016

The focus during the 23 year period of Great Tribulation (1988 to 2011) was on God's judgment of the church. The church was the object of God's wrath during this time period. If you remember, it was also the time when the church was often mocked and ridiculed by the world (for horrible acts committed by priests, pastors, evangelists, etc). In these days after the tribulation (post 2011) the judgment of God has expanded from the church to the entire world. The world itself is the object of God's wrath. This is why instead of hearing about the church's offenses, we're primarily hearing about Islamic terrorists. Islam is a world religion. It has no actual identification with the kingdom of God as the Jewish, and Christian religion once had.

It is because Islam is the chief religion of the world, we are hearing time and again now, of occurrences (primarily terrorism) that do not reflect well upon it. Just as we heard time and again over the course of the church's 23 year judgment of things churches were involved in that did not reflect well upon them. God's judgment on the world can also be seen increasingly by the media's (the media is the world's mouthpiece) loss of respect and prestige. Or by more and more people viewing the media as a corrupt entity (rather than extending it trust as many did in the past). 

The world's moral code has also deteriorated (i.e., gay marriage, abortion, etc) as a result of God's judgment upon the world. Just as churches lost sight of doctrinal truth the further we went into the period of God's judgment upon them, so too is the world, in the days after the tribulation, increasingly losing sight of basic morality. This is because the laws written upon the hearts of men are the primary area in which God's law is found in the world. Therefore, recognition of the rightness of those laws are being lost by mankind. 

Additionally, in this time of God's judgment on the world, the world's philosophies, it's doctrines of big bang, evolution, atheism, etc, are likewise the object of God's wrath. They are to be brought under the microscope in order to see the deceitfulness that underlies them. This is why E Bible has developed groups specifically dealing with some of these subjects. And it is why more and more focus is being given to discussing things like evolution and atheism. Since God's focus has expanded to the world. The focus of God's elect, who are judging the world with Him, also is to expand to include more discussion about these topics.