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Sunday the Sabbath: Part of the Information Opened Up at the Time of the End

By Chris McCann
November 11, 2018

The teaching that Sunday is the Sabbath day is another of those wonderful doctrines the Lord kept sealed up, for the most part, until the time of the end. While it's true that throughout the Church Age, most churches worshiped on Sunday, it's also true they never really understood why. There was much confusion regarding the Old Testament commandments concerning keeping the 7th day holy and the New Testament reality that worship took place on Sunday the 1st day of the week. It wasn't until relatively recently, when the Lord opened up the eyes of Mr. Camping to write the book, "Sunday the Sabbath" that the Scriptures behind Sunday being God's holy Sabbath day were revealed and the doctrine of worshiping on Sunday confirmed (yes the churches got this one right).

Of course, now at this time, we'll find people going backwards from this doctrine just as they are doing so from many others. We have to remember that God is actively taking away truth from those who seemingly once possessed it. But those that are truly God's elect children do not go back from the truths we have learned. We cannot because the Lord holds us fast and as He holds us fast we in turn hold as faithful stewards of the mysteries of God these wonderful doctrines newly opened up to the our understanding fast as well.