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Man is Not God

By Chris McCann
November 13, 2018

Man's laws are good and beneficial only insofar as they are in agreement with God's laws found in the Bible.

Whenever a law of man goes contrary to the law of God—that law of man becomes an evil and sinful thing. It is as though man is trying to put himself in the place of the One lawgiver—that is, it's as though man is trying to act like he's God.

But man is NOT God. Man is a creature who tremendously lacks any kind of real wisdom. On top of that, due to his fallen sinful condition, he also lacks any actual righteousness or justness in himself. And the lack of wisdom and righteousness makes man a dreadful lawgiver. How can a man make a righteous law when he himself is unrighteous?

Romans 3:10 As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:

Whenever good government was established in this world, it was established by men who realized their own inadequacies and failings concerning wisdom and righteousness, and because they realized their failures in these areas, they turned to the Bible and followed its principles as much as possible while making their laws. Following the guiding instructions of the law of God the Bible is the only way the unjust can make just laws.