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How Long Before you Humbly Acknowledge the Proclamation of "May 21, 2011, Judgment Day!" was Correct?

By Chris McCann
January 23, 2019

It becomes more and more untenable for those familiar with the Bible's teaching of May 21, 2011 Judgment Day, to deny the major change in circumstances since that date. Not only has the Bible locked in that date as Judgment Day, and refuses to budge an inch from it, but we also have an unprecedented situation concerning the gospel that cannot be ignored.

All churches are corrupt and dead and have been for many years now. It is obvious that no true gospel or saving gospel message is going out from any church in the world today.

Family Radio was once, under Mr. Camping, for many years a faithful ministry, that was used of the Lord to provide the true gospel to multitudes of people outside of the churches all around the world. But Family Radio is now corrupt and dead therefore making it obvious that no true gospel or saving gospel message is going forth by that ministry any longer.

The remaining true Bible ministries, which of course must be ministries with no church affiliation of any kind, and also ministries that recognize the end of the Church Age, are very, very few. I know of only two. BMI and E Bible Fellowship. Both of these ministries greatly esteem and uphold the Bible as their only source of truth. They both perform careful Bible studies through the Biblical approved process of comparing Scripture with Scripture. And both of these ministries also teach that God began His judgment program at the house of God and has ended the Church Age. Both teach and firmly believe that we are living on the earth in the day of the final judgment of God. They both also teach that God has shut the door of heaven and ended His salvation program for this world.

Of course, if the churches were true and faithful in the least, it would be easy to overlook these teachings of judgment beginning on the churches and transitioning to the world on May 21, 2011. Or, if Family Radio was still faithful and operating to send forth the true gospel message into the world, perhaps some could ignore the teachings of these last two faithful organizations. Or, if since May 21, 2011, the world had not been thrust into constant chaos and had not had its sins publicly exposed with their shame for all to see, perhaps some could dismiss the idea of a spiritual judgment taking place on the world.

But it is not the case that the church is faithful. The church is corrupt and operates without the Spirit of God. And it is not the case that Family Radio remains faithful to the Word of God. At this time, Family Radio is corrupt and operates without the blessing of the One True God. And it is not the case that the world is any longer triumphing. Obviously it is not. The world is losing. On a daily basis we hear reports of the world losing battle after battle. Shamed. Humiliated. Embarrassing reports.

You call yourself a child of God. You believe yourself to be one of His elect. How long will it be then before you submit yourself before His Word, His teachings, and humbly acknowledge that the proclamation of "May 21, 2011, Judgment Day!" was correct? And how long will it be before you realize that we are indeed living on the earth in the day of the final judgment of mankind?