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Why do you Protect the World?

By Chris McCann
January 23, 2019

Why do you protect the world? You agree God's judgment is on the churches, actually, you have no problem in seeing that spiritual judgment. But you refuse to acknowledge that His judgment is now on the world. How can this be? Are you not aware that it would be more grievous for God to bring judgment on the city called by His name than it would be to bring it on a hostile world He has no close relationship with?

Read these verses carefully:

Jeremiah 25:28 And it shall be, if they refuse to take the cup at thine hand to drink, then shalt thou say unto them, Thus saith the LORD of hosts; Ye shall certainly drink.

29 For, lo, I begin to bring evil on the city which is called by my name, and should ye be utterly unpunished? Ye shall not be unpunished: for I will call for a sword upon all the inhabitants of the earth, saith the LORD of hosts.

If God has already judged His own people in the churches (and He has), should the nations escape the judgment of God and be unpunished? God answers that question for us: "Ye shall not be unpunished."

Why then do you protect the world by refusing to allow for the judgment of God upon it? Is it because, perhaps, you are still of the world?