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Learn from God’s Judgment on the Churches in Order to Understand What’s Happening in the World Today

By Chris McCann
January 30, 2019

Since we've already lived through God's judgment on the churches for 23 years, we have the advantageous position of being able to look back at a completed spiritual judgment and review the things that took place. And as we do look back upon the judgment which desolated the world's churches, we recall that, as the judgment progressed upon them, some denominations lost all moorings to the truth, and began to develop and enact wild and far out doctrines that stunned other more reformed denominations.

Now, we're living through the time of the world's tribulation period, which is also a spiritual judgment. And we see once again that some states (similar to some denominations) are enacting horrible and insane legislature regarding aborting babies up until birth, and even allowing for it in some cases after birth, and this horrific news is stunning to many.

Notice the similarities between the blindness involved in the development and acceptance (by many churches) of wild doctrines during the judgment upon them, and the blindness involved in the development and acceptance of immoral laws by those legislators in the world today.

Many professed Christians, reformed in their understanding, saw and acknowledged a falling away in the churches around them. But it never led them to recognize that the judgment of God was upon all churches. Likewise, at this time, many see the world's falling away from basic morality (as God wrote His law upon their hearts), and yet they also refuse to recognize the severity of the problem by refusing to understand that the (spiritual) judgment of God is presently and actively upon the inhabitants of the earth.