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The Bible Answers—the Door is Shut!

By Chris McCann
February 26, 2019

The corporate church has trodden under foot the Bible's gospel of grace. They have polluted God's grace time after time by adding their works of accepting Christ or believer's baptism or walking down an aisle—none of which ever got any person saved at any time in history. Therefore, it is entirely appropriate for God to shut the door of heaven and end His salvation program upon a world and apostate church that has polluted His glorious gospel of grace. The churches say, we got so many new members last month, or last year, and by members they think these people got saved, and yet the Bible's answer is none of your new members were saved because God shut the door on the date of May 21, 2011.

Or churches and ministries outside the corporate church say that many people accepted Christ and made a decision for Him thereby becoming saved. And the Bible responds, not so, the door is shut and none were saved. "But,” they respond, "they accepted Christ, how can you say none were saved?" Because accepting Christ has never saved anyone at any time. God's shutting of the door highlights the truth that has been the truth all along—which is that He is Sovereign Lord over all matters related to His salvation program. Shutting the door of heaven counters all the false gospels and all the many works that professed Christians have deceitfully developed to pervert the pure gospel of grace.

“I was baptized.” The Bible's answers: the door is shut. Another says, "I spoke in tongues." The Bible answers: "The door is shut!" Still another cries out, "I walked down the aisle and accepted Jesus." The Bible answers: "The door is shut!" Still more say, "I'm a member in good standing and gave a large tithe to the church." The Bible answers: "The door is shut!" And so on. No matter what the so-called Christian puts forth, the answer from the Bible since the date of May 21, 2011, remains the same: "The Door is shut!"