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The Western Wall was NOT Destroyed in 70 AD

By Chris McCann
February 26, 2019

Do you who used to listen to Mr. Camping on the old FR think now that Matthew 24 is referring to 70 AD? Is that how you are justifying ignoring Matthew 24:2's statement that not one stone shall be left upon another? Do you now think it should be read literally and applied to literal Jerusalem which was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD?

OK, if you want to understand it literally, then what about the western wall, with its huge stones that still exists to this day? It was not thrown down in 70 AD. "Oh, well, we don't have to understand that everything was thrown down." Oh yes, you do. You're taking it literally, remember, you can't say with one breath it’s to be understood literally and it happened in 70 AD, and then with the next breath say it doesn't have to be taken literally in a complete sense. That's contradictory and inconsistent with your own methodology.

There's no way Matthew 24 is speaking of the destruction of Jerusalem that occurred in 70 AD. No, for anyone that has spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear it’s extremely obvious that the end of the corporate church at the time of the end of the world is what is in view. Yes, that very church you are entering into each Sunday, that desolate place (spiritually), wherein not one stone is left upon another.

By the way, the Bible speaks of God building up living stones into a spiritual building of God. And if there is not left one stone upon another left in the churches, you can be sure this means that there is not found there one single saved person built upon that Corner Stone, the Lord Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, the statement telling us there's not one stone left upon another is also revealing that He which is that Rock and Chief Corner Stone is not there Himself.

And yet, there you are sitting in a pew. What does Matthew 24:2 say about your spiritual condition?