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The Real Y2K is Coming!

By Chris McCann
April 23, 2019

Remember the big Y2K scare back in the year 2000 AD? That year wasn't actually the 2,000th year from Jesus' birth. Jesus was born in 7 BC (not the year 0). The year 1994 was really the 2,000th year since the birth of Christ.

But another 2,000 year anniversary is drawing near. The year 2033 AD will be exactly 2,000 years since Christ died on the cross (in 33 AD) and then resurrected.

Given that it is God's plan to end this world and to raise up (resurrect) His people on the very last day of this earth's existence, what better year to do so than the year 2,000 years from the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ—the year 2033 AD.