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Spread the Biblical Calendar over all the madness and we get a perfect match for the end of all things

By Chris McCann
March 20, 2020

So, we're living in a time when men marry men. And women marry women. Also, at this time some parents are not going to tell their children whether they are a boy or a girl as they want them to make that decision. We also have a growing number of people and corporations and even governments who support and believe there are numerous genders.

Add to this abounding iniquity across the face of the earth. Terrible wickedness of all sorts, no longer isolated to major cities but seemingly in every county, town, and village in the world.

On top of this, we have a world wide church apostasy like never before in history. Spiritually, the churches are a desolate wilderness in our time like never before in history.

And all of these things are evident to us all. None can honestly deny because we all see them and have seen them for quite some time. Anyone old enough to remember 50 years ago or so is very much aware of an incredibly drastic change that has occurred all over the world. An unparalleled change, so drastic and severe that it does indeed go along with the Bible's description of the end of the world.

On top of all these things we see all around us in the world each day, the Word of God opens up a Biblical calendar of history that pinpoints a timeline for the great tribulation period (May 21, 1988 through May 21, 2011) and for Judgment Day itself (beginning May 21, 2011 to possibly 2033). Once we spread this end time judgment time table over all the things happening in this world over the last few decades, how can anyone with eyes in their head NOT take it seriously? How can anyone who says they trust the Bible NOT check these things out to see if they are so?

Is it really a laughing matter for the end of the world to come upon this desperately wicked generation at this time? Or, are the things happening in this world very much in keeping with the things the Bible has said would be "signs of His coming and of the end of the world"?