Listener Letters

Letter from Washington, CA

Sent to E Bible Fellowship

Dear E Bible Fellowship,

I am a listener and supporter of the ministry of E Bible my name is ___ ____ and I dwell in Washington, CA. I have known Chris and his studies for many years through Echo’s on Family Radio then when May 21, 2011 came and went I was confused but then a couple of years later I was talking to Mr. Gunther and he lead me to you website and been receiving your studies through email for maybe four years and want to thank all of you at E Bible Rich, Annita, Eddie, Robert and brother Chris for caring and sharing your time spent in the Word. I was also hoping you could send me a couple of copies each of your new pamphlets of Yet Forty Days and also about the elect being judged with non elect. Thank you all again for the part  you have at E Bible and wish the best for you and your families during these days. Inclosed is a gift to support the ministry love you guys.

Thank you.