Listener Letters

Letter from New Mexico

Sent to E Bible Fellowship


Heard you request for a little background from eBible listeners. First started listening to Family Radio in 1988-1989 time frame. It was the Joliet, IL station, continued listening up till about 2011-2012 time frame.

I cannot recall how I started listening to EBible, maybe in 2013-2014 time frame, but EBible broadcasts are very comforting & always re-instructing & re-minding of how we should think, act, and what the basic tasks are, that we have been commanded to do.

Since it was known (1996) to come out of the churches, I only heard of one person in Montana that also heard and came out, but you would think there had to be more!

The day after May 21, 2011, it was quite surprising that one of the Dodger’s baseball announcers said that he was relieved that he could announce another game. There could have been a couple of million listeners at that time!

As you know it has been challenging and sometimes confusing the way God releases information and the way explanation of Scripture is brought forth.

Listen to the Sunday broadcast, and the Genesis studies, so keep up the good work that goes into the studies, and I thank God that He has not abandoned us, and has given us understanding of why things are the way they are today.

To God be the glory.

(I usually listen through my smartphone. I do not do Face book snap chat, or other)